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Secret & Rare Italian Recipes? Yes, Secret & Rare Italian Recipes, are the main premises of Italian Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke’s latest book SEGRETO ITALIAN, from Broadway Fifth Press, New York …
Daniel has fast become America’s Hot New Celebrity Chef Cookbook Author, with 4 Best Selling Cookbooks in Top 100 Cookbooks at this very moment ( September 14, 2014) … His book Sunday Sauce – When Italian-Americans Cook has been the # 1 Best Seller Italian Cookbooks for more than 5 months, and there is no sign of it relinquessing its # 1 Spot at The Top any time soon .. Daniel’s La TAVOLA – Italian-American New Yorkers Adventures of The Table has made its way back into the top 40, The FEAST of THE 7 FISH is in the Top 100 Best Sellers, and Segreto Italiano is # 7 on Amazon’s Best Seller List Italian Cookbooks on Kindle and the # 1 Hot New Best Seller for September 2014 Italian Cookbooks. Wow !!! 
Not bad!
So, Segerto Italiano? Yes, the main themes of the book, of which there are 3 are; #1 First and foremost, The Secret Recipes, # 2 Rare Recipes, after all, many times you llok in a cookbook and you might see many things over and over  again. You need something new, thus the rare recipes. And # 3, Favorite Italian Dishes, some of the most love and popular dishes of what we know as Italian-America.
Now, a little about the Secret Recipes was the the first spark that ignited Daniel’s mind and idea for this cookbook Segreto Italiano ..  Daniel saide that he was just thinking (one day) about dinners he had had over the years at one of his favorite of all Italian Restaurants in New York, Gino’s up on Lexington Avenue, across the street fromt the world famous Bloomingdales’s department store … Sadly Gino’s had closed its doors a few years ago, due to high rent and high insurance and other cost to the union employees .. Expenses were too high and they decided to close their doors and shut the place down … Very sad. I wish they would have gotten a better ideas and raised all the prices of the entrees 2 or 3 dollars, drinks by $1.00 and a couple or few buck on each bottle of wine .. This probably would have cover the rent increase and other cost over the course of a month, and me and the many devoted fans of Gino’s would still have our beloved Ginot’s to go to. I’m quite certain that not one person would have complained about the prices being raised if it meant saving Gino’s .. Wel maybe a few?


Inside Our Beloved and Sorely Missed GINO’S
A Waiter Chats Up a Table
Gino’s was a wonderful little restaurant with many loyal regular customers, the likes of;  
Gay Talese,  Joe Dimaggio, and one Francis Albert Sinatra. There were many other celebrities and very well heeled customers. You had to loved the crowd at Gino’s …
Anyway, Daniel said he was remenising about Gino’s and meales he had with his cousin Joe, sisiter Barbara, brothers Michael and Jimmy and others. He said he used to go to Gino’s once or twice a month with cousin Joe who loved the joint as well, especially Gino’s famous and secret Salsa Segrete, pasta of your choice with Gino’s Secret Sauce, it was oh so yummy Daniel says … Daniel talks about the first time he and cousin Joe went there. The ordered a nice bottle of Chianti, some Baked Clams and Veal Milanese. In-between the Clams and the Veal they ordered a dish that intrigued them. A dish called Tagiolini con Salsa Segrete (Secret Sauce) .. The boys both love pasta, but none more so than cousin Joe who had to have a bowl of pasta (maccheroni) with every meal. So they ordered a bowl to split in-between the first and second courses .. Well, when it came out, they went nuts. They loved it. Of course they did, the sauce is awesome;y delicious … Daniel and Joe never had a meal at Gino’s without getting a bowl of Pasta with Salsa Segrete, and it was too long before Daniel figured out the Secret Ingredients and how to make it … The recipe is in the cookbook, Segreto Italiano and Daniel promised us not to print it. We obliged, so if you want to learn how to make Salsa Segret, Dannny’s Bolognese, Clemenza’s Mob War Sunday Sauce and a whole bunch of other Secret Recipes, rare dishes, and favorite Italian Food, you’re just gonna have to get yourself a copy of this fine book, Segreto Italiano, Secret Italian Recipes, stories and more .. We just Love it! We’re sure you will too.
by James Abruzzese
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The rituals of cooking, serving, and eating Sunday Sauce is a time honored one. It
is a quite a beautiful thing, same as making a Mole in Mexico, or Cassoulet
in  France. They are all wonderful things of beauty that delight mans every                                     sensory perception; sight, smell, taste, and feel. First, you probably smell the                              “Sauce’s” heady aroma wafting through the air. The smell is so intoxicating,
it gets your juices flowing immediately.
 Once you smell it, you want it, and can’t wait to sink you teeth into it.
 Second you will see it in all its gloriousness. You will then eat, whereupon you taste
and feel and experience one of Italian-America’s greatest pleasures, the Sunday Sauce Italian Gravy. A Sunday Sauce (Gravy) takes time and effort to make. It is made and served with Love.
All these great dishes bring together friends and family, and for Italian-Americans, Sunday Sauce is King of all dishes.
  If you utter the term Sunday Sauce to any number of millions of Italian-Americans, they will immediately start salivating at the simple mention of its name. The wheels start turning in their heads, with thoughts of how tasty it is, with its various components; the Meatballs,  Sausages, Braciole, maybe Ribs, Beef Neck, or Pig  Skin Braciole, as well as the Pasta, and the Gravy itself. They think aboutsitting at the table with friends, family, people  they love. They’ll ponder the Antipasti, wondering what it might be; mixed Salumi, Baked Clams, Grilled Calamari? And with the meal, there will surely be Wine. Italian Wine, which might be a good Chianti or perhaps Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. With Uncle Frank and Uncle Tony, the wine was usually Carlo Rossi Paisano or Gallo Hearty Burgundy, two solid Italian-American  Winemakers. 
    When thinking of a Sunday Sauce, you’ll think about the warmth in the air, of loved ones, Sinatra, Dino, and the Sunday Sauce itself. “It’s a beautiful thing!” If you’ve never done it, “Try it!” If you haven’t cooked one for some time, plan a get-together with friends and family,  soon.  Sunday Sauce, It brings people together, in a most delightful way. And as the Big Boys would say, “It’s a Beautiful Thing.”
 Excerpt From Sunday Sauce in Daniel Bellino-Zwicke ‘s
SUNDAY SAUCE “When Italian-Americans Cook”
On Broadway Fifth Press

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SECRET RECIPES Favorite Italian Dishes byDaniel Bellino-Zwicke

Favorite Italian Dishes
byDaniel Bellino-Zwicke